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Since its opening in April 2007, the Confucius Institute has been working to promote Chinese language programs in K-12 schools and support the professional development of Chinese teachers. With the growing interest in learning Chinese, it is important to train qualified teachers to help meet this demand. Our goal is to train teachers across North Carolina through teacher training workshops, provide classroom resources, help teachers attain Chinese licensure, and provide a unified system through the creation of the Chinese Language Teacher Association of North Carolina to help our state excel in Chinese language acquisition.

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Chinese Teaching Licensure through NC TEACH (NC State University College of Education)

Alternative Teacher Education Programs are for people with a desire to teach in elementary, middle, or high schools but do not have an undergraduate degree in education. Alternative Licensure programs allow prospective teachers to obtain a teaching license without having to get another 4-year degree.

The NC Teach Program at NC State University offers a Chinese Teaching License Certification. NC TEACH is a face-to-face program offering classes at night and on weekends. Students take the courses necessary to become a licensed teacher at a North Carolina public or charter school. This program does NOT lead to a degree.

Chinese Language Teachers Association of North Carolina (CLTA-NC)

CLTA-NC is a non-political, non-profit organization that belongs to all of us, and together, we will ensure it provides us with a platform to share and to collaborate, as well as a network of resources for professional development, career opportunities and license certification, etc.

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Nanjing Normal University Visiting Professor

Dr. Wenhua Zhou(周文华)