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Chinese Culture Experience… Start Your China Journey Here!

The Confucius Institute encourages businesses, schools, organizations and social groups to contact us to help you create a customized culture workshop for your specific needs. If your company is traveling to China, your organization wants a fun evening to learn about Chinese history or food, or your school would like to have a Chinese presentation we would be glad to help create such an event. The CI invites scholars and experts to help with these workshops. While we cannot meet every demand we will do our best to work with you. Please submit your requests at least 3 weeks in advance and we ask that organizations help to pay for gas and a meal for our staff if the organization is over 45 minutes away.

Please complete this online form and we look forward to helping create your desired workshop!

Please note that we are not accepting any requests for events taking place before January 11, 2016.

Program Contacts


Chinese Director
Nanjing Normal University Visiting Professor

Dr. Yan Wei(魏燕)


Anna Dunaway(林安娜)
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